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December 07, 2010


Emmanuel gobillot

Hi Tom I guess the challenge for all of us involved in this exciting field in these exciting times is to work out what are the enduring truths and what are the changing elements. On the basis that human beings evolve at an incrediy slow rate I would agree with anyone who says past leadership models are still relevant to today's challenges but given that most were developed pre Internet (computers even) and pre global interconnected economies I would also challenge anyone who argues they should not be contextualized. Whatever the final answer there's a great deal to be learnt through the discussion. So thanks as usual to you and your team for starting and continuing the dialogue.

Tom Hood


Thanks for weighing in on the conversation. I agree totally with you. What leadership does is not changing but how it does it is changing with the changing context (the age of mass collaboration as your book suggests). This is a fascinating dialogue that started in class at MACPA's Beach Retreat in Ocean City, continued on twitter as you, Tom Peters, and a few more weighed in, and moved back to this blog also referenced by our Beach Retreat blog post:

This actually makes my point about leaders using new tools (like socmed - blogs, twitter, etc) to engage people, increase their rate of learning, and help mobilize that discretionary effort you elaborate so well.

Your point about context is also spot on. A good friend of mine says while content may be king, context is the kingdom!

Thanks for joining in...

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